SHE STREET is really about empowering women. We aim to give women confidence and a feeling of self worth through clothes that not only make them feel great but fit into their busy lifestyles.

But then we thought “what about women less fortunate than us?” Although being super passionate about empowering women through clothes, we really wanted to use our business as a platform with a higher social conscience that could help women on a larger scale. We wanted women to feel good about purchasing from us, not only through the clothes they will be wearing, but by knowing they are helping women around the country who need it.

After doing a little research we then found the perfect charity. Founded by Brisbane woman Rochelle Courtenay, who had the drive to make a difference to women in crisis, the charity is “SHARE THE DIGNITY”.

SHARE THE DIGNITY provide homeless and at risk women with sanitary products to allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it most.

“No woman should suffer the indignity of choosing between eating and buying sanitary items”.

They are continuously hearing from women across Australia “OMG I had never thought of this being an issue. It’s almost embarrassing that it had not occurred to me before”.

“We have had such an amazing response from Australian women we like to call “sheros” and with their help we have been able to provide domestic violence refuges and homeless shelters with substantial donations of pads and tampons. Usually these are the last items to be donated yet the first to be taken.”

SHE STREET has decided that with every single item purchased from, one sanitary package will be donated to SHARE THE DIGNITY. So go on, be a ‘Shero’.

Feel good about your next purchase and know that you will be helping women around the country have access to a basic human right.