For new mums no longer in the corporate world, finding an outfit to wear each and every day is both time consuming and exhausting. Shopping online or in boutiques that all seem to be aimed at serving the early 20-something is a laborious task and rummaging through racks of crop tops ands hot pants to find some simple, flattering everyday pieces seems completely unnecessary and not a very pleasant experience! After many conversations with other women in the 30+ age bracket the common frustrations were apparent and “SHE STREET” was born.  

“SHE STREET” is a carefully curated selection of street style fashion that is easy to wear, flattering and most importantly makes you feel good. It is a brand that celebrates women at any age and wants you to feel empowered each day you walk out the door. The thinking and stressing of what to put on each day has been done for you.Selecting the right items for customers is an easy task, as we always ask these two simple questions “is this effortless? Does it make you feel good”. By ticking off these boxes each and every time we hope that you will never leave the house feeling less than amazing, ever again. 

At SHE STREET we also understand that not all women have the same privileges. So with every single online purchase a package of sanitary items is donated to the charity “Share The Dignity” to make another women’s life a little less stressful. You can read more about the charity here 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] Until then, happy shopping lovely! 

Hayley xx